23 Years of experience makes us the best in this field!

Fruktana is a company for producing, processing and exporting fruits and vegetables established with sour cherries as its main raw material. It is a privately owned company formed in the year of 2000. Only for a short period of time, the company has become leader in producing, processing and exporting sour cherries with more than 1800 tons of sour

cherries processed. 50% of the cherries are from its own plantations and the rest

are from producers from the whole country.

The factory is located in the village Argulica, 15km from Stip in the central part

of the Republic of North Macedonia. The region is famous for the extraordinarily large number of sunny days throughout the year, giving the fruits the characteristic of high

amounts of dry matter. Located only 90 km from Bulgaria, 90 km from Serbia and 120 km from Greece, the company has excellent strategic position for import, distribution and export.

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