IQF Fruits and Vegetables

Individually Quick Frozen Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, with continuous freezer

After washing and carefully inspecting, the fresh fruits and vegetables are prepared for freezing. If necessary calibration and sizing is first completed, then it is the process of destining or slicing, and afterwards products are transported to the IQF continuous freezer which uses state-of-the-art technology to quickly freeze each piece of fruit or vegetable individually. Quick freezing at -40°C keeps all the valuable and important matters of the fresh fruits and vegetables and produces a finished product with a temperature of -20°C.

Fabrication process



PackagingThe IQF fruits and vegetables can be packed by the request of the customers. The standard packaging is 10 kg boxes, or 15-20 kg PP plastic bags, but other packaging is possible by arrangement with the customer.


Download information:

IQF sour cherries specification

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