Sour Cherries in Alcohol

Fresh Sour Cherries, type oblachinska, in 80° of Alcohol.

After washing and carefully inspecting, the fresh sour cherries are calibrated by millimeter, and then are placed in plastic barrels filled with alcohol. The standard barrels are 120 liter, but other sizes may be available by request of the customer. The ratio between sour cherreis and alcohol can be individually defined, but the usual ratio is 92 kg of fresh sour cherries in 36 liters of alcohol. Each barrel is individually measured, therefore no variability of the weight. The strength of the alcohol can also be by the request of the customer when placing an advanced order.


The calibers available are:

  • Bellow 13 mm
  • 13 to 13.9 mm
  • 14 to 14.9 mm
  • 15 to 15.9 mm
  • 16 to 16.9 mm
  • Above 17 mm

Other calibers may be available and may be prepared by request of the customer




Because after the osmosis process, the cherries can change the size, Fruktana also does re-calibration. During this process the cherries are separated from the juice, they are inspected once again on an inspection lane, and then calibrated. Fruktana can offer this service to its customers, and the sour cherries in alcohol can be sold with or without recalibration.


The sour cherries in alcohol are usually packed in 120 liter, or 160 liter plastic barrels, but they can also be packed in other type of packaging by the request of the customer.
Four 120 liter barrels are placed on a wooden euro pallet, and then stretched with plastic film.
One truck usually loads 45 pallets(some of which on two levels) or 180 barrels.




washing the barrels


filling the barrels


measuring the barrels


stocking the barrels



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